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Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the fastest ways to build traffic to your website. Pay per click advertising works on the premise of pushing your website to the top of the pile of search results returned when people actively search for your keyword.

With pay per click marketing, you can bring targeted visitors to your website for prices as cheap as 10 – 20 cents per visit. If the average sale on your website is $20.00, then your return on ad spend would be at least $19.80! Pangeic Media provides all of our clients with personalized campaign optimization and real-time reporting.

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Pay Per Click Advertising Features

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Reach Millions Of New Visitors

Receive targeted visitors to your website

Pangeic Media will structure your campaign using a pure cost-per-click (CPC) pricing solution. With Pangeic’s optimized banner advertisements, our clients are only charged for the clicks generated by users coming directly to their site. Clients are not charged for the banner impressions served.

Free branding exposure from the banners

One of the key aspects of the Pangeic Media PPC model is the free branding and exposure you receive as a result. Since our customers only pay when visitors come to their website, every other impression is free! This means that you can potentially be seen my millions of users but only pay for those who come to your site.

Fully optimized campaigns for Google

When our clients run pay per click campaigns through Pangeic, we continually review and optimize them for the best results in Google. This means that we are constantly testing new keywords and seeing where we can improve the campaign. Therefore, you will pay less for your ads and achieve better results!

Set your own ad spend

It’s up to our clients to determine how much they want to allocate to each pay per click campaign. We let our users decide on the cost-per-click (CPC) price that they are willing to pay. Pangeic Media is dedicated to customer satisfaction, which is why all of our client’s campaigns are personally optimized by our CEO. In addition, a dedicated account manager will assist in setting up and maintaining most optimal CPC that meets all of your campaign goals.


**We track all of our Pay Per Click advertising campaigns with Google Analytics.

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